Michele St. Onge


For over 20 years, I have successfully negotiated, bought, sold, and renovated property from Greater Portland to the Midcoast of Maine. Prior to real estate, I worked as a home care RN throughout New England. My background provided me with a unique perspective of “home”.

No matter how simple or luxurious a property may be, I am excited to do all I can for my clients, my family, and friends. I remain professional and offer efficient service. I maintain a sophisticated business savvy.

I raised my family in Portland and love all it offers. Presently I live in Edgecomb, an island reached by the bridge from Wiscasset, bordered by the towns of Boothbay and Newcastle. It is here; I boat along the Sheepscot River down to the Atlantic Ocean and hike the scenic trails. My enthusiasm and love of all Maine offers is endless.

In this challenging market, despite the ease of internet access, it still pays to have someone on the ground who knows the market and the players. I have an ability to understand people and their desires accurately. I stand out above other realtors with my exceptional attention to detail and experience.

Today’s market requires clients to work with earned talent. I look forward to hearing from you.