The state of Maine is filled with beautiful fishing spots. Whether you enjoy lakes, rivers, ponds, or the beautiful ocean, there is something for everyone.

Khristian Potter of Lifestyle Properties at Keller Williams Realty fishes almost every day. He loves to explore Maine and finds that fishing is a therapeutic way to do so. He started fishing when he was growing up in Connecticut. After learning the ropes, Khristian has been fishing for sport ever since.

Moving to southern Maine allowed him the opportunity to fish in all different types of water.

Some of the spots Khristian fishes at frequently include:

  1. Chaffin Pond in Windham, Maine
  2. Presumpscot River in Windham, Maine
  3. Staples Cove in Freeport, Maine
  4. Cobbaconcosse River in Gardiner, Maine
  5. Thompson Lake in Oxford, Maine
  6. Runaround Brook in Durham, Maine
  7. Ingalls Pond in Hiram, Maine

If you have any questions about fishing spots in or around Maine, reach out to Khristian Potter by emailing, or calling (860) 304-1874.