Janice Ryder – Cultural Ambassador 2022

Janice Ryder – Cultural Ambassador 2022

Saying “we’re proud” would be a huge understatement.

For those of you who do not know Janice Ryder (co-owner of Lifestyle Properties), you’re missing out.

Today, Janice was recognized by the New England Region leadership team as a 2022 Cultural Ambassador representing the New England Region for Keller Williams Realty! Janice has dedicated her life to giving back in any way she can whether it be helping a friend, volunteering locally, or raising funds and awareness for various causes. She is someone who will show up for you no matter what. We are so thrilled to be in business with someone as caring, thoughtful, and incredible as Janice.

Here are some examples of how Janice has demonstrated cultural activities in the Keller Williams Realty Maine market center:

  • She took complete ownership of RED Day’s (Red Day is a Keller Williams Realty yearly tradition where all Keller Williams offices shut down for the day to give back to the community) food tent. She purchased food, spent 10+ hours preparing meals, supplied tents, equipment, supplies and beverages for the entire day for over 80 people: breakfast eggs and baked goods, coffee and juice; then a hot lunch, dessert and cold drinks. All of this while fighting a sinus infection. She has a “no excuses” attitude about this day of giving!

  • She has enthusiastically agreed to organize the Market Center’s RED Day 2023–ALL of it. Her motto: “I’ll take care of it!”

  • She freely gives of her time to teach and mentor, spending hours and hours every week coaching and teaching members of other teams at the Keller Williams Realty Maine office. She offers productivity coaching and Command (KW’s CRM) assistance for any team in need at the market center. She does all of this for the sheer joy of giving.

  • She spent hours putting together an in-depth slideshow with relevant statistics, facts, and helpful information for other agents to use to recruit folks to KW and help others in the market center build their profit share. She wants everyone to be successful–she knows there is enough business out there for everyone.

  • When her clients got discouraged by rejected offers she kept them hopeful. While they were waiting to close, there was a fire in their rented duplex and all their belongings were damaged or destroyed. She immediately started networking for clothes for the family and brought food and temporary cooking options to their hotel room.

  • She delivers flowers and makes trays of food for both friends and acquaintances at the market center who are sick, have experienced loss, or are even just having a bad week. She goes out of her way to let people know they aren’t alone in this world, and there is always sunshine after the rain. 

  • She was a coach at KW for 20+ years in addition to running her own business. She loves KW and talks about the HEART of the company to anyone she can. She shows up every single day with compassion and a servant heart, and will take the shirt off her back for anyone who needs it.

Here are what Janice’s clients have been saying about her:

“We worked with this Real Estate Agent for over a year and a half to find our perfect home. They endured offers and short sales and searches for a very particular home for which we were looking. They was patient, kind, responsive, VERY attentive and just an all around fun person. They made the tough times easier and the good times better. We found the most amazing home as a result of their tireless efforts. They answered every question we could ever have (and we had lots as first time home buyers), they looked for alternatives, gave references, went to the house to meet estimators for repairs etc – they constantly went above and beyond for us. We couldn’t have been happier with their services. And they continues to give us references for carpenters/plow/plumbers etc to this day!”

“My wife and I began our house process 2 years ago. This agent stuck with us throughout the entire time. I’m sure we looked at over 50 houses with them and was even under contract once before buying our house.They put in so many hours, way more than their commission was ever going to give them. We always felt like we were her number 1 priority even though we knew they had many more clients. They made themselves available consistently. They fought hard for us in negotiations and made sure we were getting a great deal.They also has many connections with roofers, contractors, septic, masonry, etc. I cannot say enough great things about this agent. If you want an agent who will care for you like they are your friend and who is an expert in their field then this is the agent you want to call.”

“This exudes professionalism, yet made me feel that I was personally their highest priority. They clarified all details throughout the entire unique process of selling my house of nearly 30 years on a “rent to own” situation that essentially took over 12 months! I have and will continue to highly recommend this agent personally as an example of the highest quality Real Estate Agent, both in knowledge and integrity.  My sale process has been longer than usual in order to meet the buyers financial needs.  I am actually going to miss my ongoing connection to this agent but know if I ever reached out I’d be welcomed again with open arms.”

We are truly proud of you, Janice. No one is more deserving of this honor than you!

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